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Affordable, High-Quality Healthcare for Everyone

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Who We Are

We are a diverse group of individuals passionate about driving change in insurance coverage to make healthcare more equitable, accessible, and cost-effective, so everyone can get the care they need, regardless of employment.

Our Mission

People coming together

Improve the health and economic stability of Kentuckians through educating, inspiring, and mobilizing people to advocate for a universally accessible, affordable, equitable, and high-quality healthcare delivery system.

Our Vision

Everyone living in the U.S. can receive high quality health care without barriers of cost, access, employment status, or discrimination.

Why Do We Need Change?

We believe cost should not be a barrier to meeting health care needs. We want you to use less of your hard-earned money for healthcare, so you have more to spend on the things that matter most, such as your family. 

Did You Know?

  • The U.S. has the highest healthcare costs per person of any developed nation. (1)

  • More than 5% of Kentuckians do not have health insurance. (2)

  • Nearly half of Kentuckians get insurance through their employers, which may prevent desired job changes and delay retirement. (3)

  • A tax-funded, universal healthcare system would actually cost $450 billion less, and save 68,000 lives per year. (4)

Who Is Asclepius?

æsˈkliːpi.əs/ or uh·sklee·pee·uhs

Staff of Asclepius representing medicine and healing

Asclepius is the Greek god of medicine and healing.

Depicted with the symbol of the rod and snake, Asclepius represents health care and the healing arts.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to raise awareness and encourage discussion for change to make healthcare coverage a reality for all.

We recognize that health equity is a social justice issue. We commit to work towards a system where all barriers that contribute to healthcare disparities are eliminated. We stand with those who have been discriminated against, past and present, and pledge to use our time, talent, and resources to effect system change within the health care setting.

Friends talking and smiling

We Believe:

  • Where you live, where you work, and how much you earn should not determine whether or not you have health care.

  • Affordable, high-quality health care should be available to everyone, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ableness, or socio-economic status.

  • You have a right to health care.

  • Health care decisions should be made between patients and their health care provider.


For your family, for your neighbors, for your health, won’t you join us?

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