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Shireen Deobhakta

Vice Chair

Shireen Deobhakta serves as an Evaluation Researcher for REACH Evaluation. She provides expertise in Behavioral Science approaches, which use a mixture of Psychology and Economics to nudge behaviors and solve problems in order to improve service delivery.

Shireen received her doctorate in Urban and Public Affairs from the University of Louisville, her Masters of Business Administration from Ohio State University, and her Bachelor of Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University. Shireen is a strong believer in applied research, which led her to the decision to choose practice over academia.

More recently, Shireen worked at the Mayor's office as a Research and Evaluation Consultant. In that capacity, she was responsible for embedding evidence-based practices within government and applying Behavioral Science approaches to improve service delivery. Her main area of focus was on Louisville's violence prevention efforts and embedding an evaluation component to the city's adoption of the Cure Violence Model. Shireen also evaluated Louisville's prisoner re-entry programs.

As an avid lover of animals, Shireen loves spending time with her dog, Rousseau. She also enjoys painting and spending time with family and friends.

Shireen Deobhakta
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