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Susan Bornstein, MD, MPH

Founder and CEO

Susan G. Bornstein, MD, MPH is an OBGYN by training. She became so frustrated with the issues that her patients were having with cost and access to care that she returned to the University of Michigan for a Master’s in Public Health. Susan has a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare delivery system, having cared for patients across a variety of practice settings, including running her own office for nearly 20 years. She has negotiated and tussled with insurance companies from the employer, provider, and patient perspectives, and is well aware of how frustrating, maddening, expensive, inefficient, and inequitable this process is. She is devoted to bridging the gap between the overwhelming evidence in favor of universal healthcare in the US, including a government sponsored program that would provide health insurance for everyone, and the public’s embrace and support of this concept. In service of this goal, she founded The Asclepius Initiative, where she enthusiastically serves as CEO and staff.

In her spare time, Susan enjoys running, reading, hiking, and baking (hence the running & hiking). She is at perpetual risk of becoming a crazy cat lady.

Susan Bornstein, MD, MPH
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